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I talk to him a lot and I am amazed by the depth of knowledge this guy has... His "Frankenstein" ezine will soon become an online classic... That's for sure!"

-Bogdan Ravaru
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Saturday, January 8
From: George Katsoudas

Dear friend,

If you would like to create a site that sells (and I mean SELLS) your products and services… or… if you want to learn what works and what doesn't on the Internet… then this will be the most important page you will read in your entire life…

Here’s why...

I know some secrets that you don’t!


Keep up the good work George! Your stuff is AWESOME!

Enticing copy, great tips and always lively and entertaining.Your ezine is one of the select few tha tgets read. You know where the rest go. <BG>


-Collin Almeida


You don’t believe me?


I knew you would say that. I mean... why would you, right? It's not like you have heard of me before. Everybody these days seems to say that he is the best thing since sliced bread.

That’s why I have created a free seven-part email series called:

"How to skyrocket the profits of any website quickly and easily"

Sure, sure. You've heard it all before right? But wait 'till you see what this free e-mail course contains... and why I can prove to you that you won't find this anywhere else.

==> The shocking truth about logos on a site. Do they increase response? Do they hurt response? And when? MORE THAN 99% of people miss the boat on this one. Just knowing the contents of this one issue can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

==> The one thing you should do after your site is up and running. How to skyrocket the conversion of the site by using scientific methods that work every single freaking time without fail… and stop guessing what works and what doesn’t. All businessmen who earn real incomes online and who put real food on their families’ table use this method.

==> Do you know how to make your site load BLAZINGLY fast? Most people spend months of blood, sweat and tears on creating a good product and good ad copy… too bad that their visitors leave before checking them out. You will see the exact tricks used. And yes... some of them are dirty but still...deadly effective. You want to read this issue or else, even the best copywriter in the world won’t help you because people will leave before your site loads.


"George oh George...

You're a wicked monster! I've learned much more from you than most internet marketers with their rehased BS.

Just that ONE tip on increasing readership BOTH on my websites and ezines has been worth paying you for!

But then again you're not charging for this anytime soon huh? :-)


-Ewen Chia
"Resale Rights Secrets - THE Secrets Exposed"

==> How to write killer headlines! Formatting tricks and psychological triggers that force your visitors to stand up and pay attention. How to know beyond the shadow of a doubt what the BEST headline for your site is!

==> A tool I use to make my sites outrageously succesful. As long as your competitors don't use this, I can say that you can have them for breakfast. I'll show you where to get this tool for free!

==> A site that actually makes use of all these methods (and many more) and pulls at the time of this writing an insane 9.12% Conversion Ratio (The pathetic norm is 1%). Forget about theory. You will see all these methods right before your very own eyes...

==> The one traffic myth that is costing you thousands of dollars as we speak! More than 95% of online businesses fall in this trap. Do you make this fatal mistake yourself?

==> The amazing story of how flipping through the pages of a "muscle magazine" proved to be a revelation for my business. You will see exactly what it is... and why you will have a grin from ear to ear once you do so. Are you now "convinced" that you need this ecourse? official site Differently, keep reading...


"Hi George,

I must say, I really enjoy reading your email. It’s really nice to find someone with a sense of humor in the dog-eat-dog internet business.

Thanks for providing all the great info on marketing and web design as well"

-Alex Hill


But... the kicker is that we will play a small game. Every time you read a part of the e-course, I want you to go out on the web and visit as many sites as you want. Try and see if they use the tricks that you will learn. Heck, visit the sites of the marketing “gurus” and you will see that even they don’t know many of these!

Come on. Let's get real. You can't find this anywhere else online... and... I'm willing to send it to you... for free... for two reasons.

The first reason is that many of the people who lay eyes on this free course will beg me (and I mean BEG me) to become clients of mine for certain services I offer. They say: "Gee, if this guy gives THAT kind of information for free and just for fun, imagine what he can do for me if I become a client." (And I do.)

And...the second reason, that I’m giving this course away is because....

I'm trying to bribe you!

That's right. You see, this course is not given to just anyone on the Internet. It is not available.... anywhere... at any price. But, it is given absolutely free to valued subscribers of my free newsletter "Archives of an Internet Beast."

Now, before you say: "Oh no! Not another Newsletter", let me tell you what this Newsletter is not.

  Hi George,

I would just like to say that was absolutely hilarious! I would also like to applaud your newsletter yesterday!

It was fabulous,... and definately the kind of kick in the butt encouragement that I needed! It is nice to get a newsletter that is sprinkled with humor and geared toward dealing with people on a personal level and not just simply advertising, or trying to inspire to pull out the trusty Visa!

Way to go! I receive tons of newsletters, and I truly enjoyed reading yours yesterday more that any in a long time!

Have a good day!

-Cecilia Yardley

==> It’s not something you have to scroll down for half a minute in order to get out of "ad hell" (Damn, don’t you hate when that happens?)

==> It’s not another newsletter covering the same regurgitated stuff. (Do you ever have a sense of "déjà vu" when you read a newsletter, like saying to yourself: "Gee, I must have heard that before about a million times!")

==> It’s not another collection of FREE articles

==> It’s not another blah,blah,blah,blah,blah... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz newsletter

==> And... above alll...


It’s Not Another "Same Old Same Old-I Agree With Everything They Spoonfeed Me- BS-Pussyfoot-Slap Me And Call Me Nancy Newsletter", Alright?

Here are a few of things this Newsletter will be dealing with...


"Hi George,

My congratulations on a truly excellent ecourse. It's rare to learn so much new stuff in one of these courses, so well done on that front!"

Michael Hopkins,

==> How to increase traffic to your website... without paying one red cent... and by using some sneaky methods you don't hear much about anymore...

==> Killer ad copy secrets. (And no, I am not talking about the junk that floats around the Net like gospel either.) I mean, give me a break! Where do these people get their info? "Better Homes and Gardens" maybe?

==> How to get more done faster... and how to free up your time so that you can do what you really enjoy... like go fishing, or spending time with your loved ones. I've used this exact method myself to increase the quality of my life... and... you will be able to do the same as well.

==> Why most people who create affiliate programs for their products are dead wrong on how to use this technique to make real money (and I mean REAL money!)

==> How to lose 140 pounds in a day... and why you probably need to do so in order to have any chance of success online (It's not what you think)- I have done this as well and it felt great!


Hi George,

June here... Great job - I really enjoy reading your marketing lessons.

Keep them coming in... Keep up the good work!


PS - You can really write well huh? :'-)

-June Yeap

==> How to really price your products and services... so that both you and your customers get the best deal... and so that both of you are happy with it! And... let me tell you something right now... you are losing thousands of dollars as we speak. Sorry but it's true and you will see why.

==> Why trying to always be "politically correct” can be the single biggest mistake you will make in your business. Are you committing this mortal sin?

==> Underground list-building methods. Tricks that most people haven't even dreamed of... or don't have the guts to talk about...

==> And much, much more! nyc apartments for rent

Listen: The information you are going to be receiving could be worth millions to you. We are talking about life-changing info here....and... it's absolutely free! So...


Why Am I Doing This?

Well, there are actually two very good reasons for this...

The first reason that the newsletter is free is this: I have come to realize over the last year of my life that when you give first, you mysteriously receive back ten times worth of value. I'm not exactly sure how this happens... and... I don't care... but it's true.

Because... once I started applying this principle in my business, certain CRAZY things started happening... good things too! Hey, I'm no astrologist but I want my business to grow...

As you see, I have some very selfish reasons for giving all this information for free.

Plus, I have another reason that I'm publishing this Newsletter...


I really want to earn your friendship!


You are awesome...when I need a copy writer I am coming to YOU! You are "The MAN" as they would say in the States.

It's so good to know you and have your friendship!"

-John Terry


Hey, let's admit it: The Internet can be a very "lonely" place. Even scary. You don't know who to trust and who to turn to for advice. I want to be that guy for you and I will try my hardest. I can promise that much.

You know, it's interesting. Many people buy ebook after ebook after ebook... and ... never seem to be going anywhere. Most of them consider what certain "gurus" preach as the be-all and end-all of making money online.

When I see that, I don't know if I should laugh... or cry. It's so easy to profit online, if you know how, that... it's not even funny!


Look, if you'd like to sign up and watch your online business start making money... just fill in the form you will find further down. You will instantly receive the first issue of the mini e-course "How to skyrocket the profits of any website quickly and easily."

The course will be sent out to you every two-three days. And you will not be subscribed to the newsletter unless you receive the entire mini course, and unless I prove to you that I'm worthy to be allowed in your inbox... and that I can really help you. I may not know you (yet) but I respect you for trusting me.


"George - I just had to offer you this word of warning. You'd better be watching your back! I heard that some of those "so-called experts" were planning to have your site shut down, unless you stop this "I'm Not Out To Make Friends With The Gurus" newsletter of yours.

They may not enjoy what you have to say in each issue but as one of your subscribers, I can definitely tell you that I do. Not only is "Archives Of An Internet Beast" a very entertaining read, but it also offers some killer tips to improve every aspect of what you do online. --- Your style of writing is totally different from almost anything else I've read and that's one of the main reasons that I look forward to every issue.

I don't know how on earth you rest easy at night knowing that if any of those "gurus" got their hands on you... well - who knows what they'd do!--- Keep those secrets coming. :)"

— Aaron Leighton


After the course is over, a few times a month I will be sending a new issue of the newsletter... which... I promise will be humorous, packed with killer info, brutally honest and yes, even controversial.

If for some reason I don't have something important to say... or if I'm too busy... or lazy, I will not send an issue because I value your time... So, every time you receive an email from will mean that you will want to open and read it as soon as possible... because the content will rock.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: Your address will never be rented, sold or abused in any other way. You will be receiving messages only from me...and if at any point you feel that I'm not serving you well, then each and every email will have an unsubscribe link that I demand that you click... and you will be unsubscribed automatically and immediately. Is that fair enough to you? I hope so.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Another thing I'll be revealing in my free newsletter is how to actually ATTRACT money and success instead of chasing after it. Yes, it's true and I will show you how it's really done.

PPS. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Please understand that I respect your time... and I will have to ask you to do the same with mine. There are two kinds of people online: Doers and talkers. If for any reason you happen to fall in the second category, then I'm sorry to inform you that...

I Won’t Let You Subscribe to my Newsletter!

Listen up: If you are not willing to act on the powerful secrets included in the newsletter, then why waste both our times? Exactly, no reason at all!

I want to be very clear about it so that there are no misunderstandings between us.

If on the other hand you consider yourself a doer, then I will be more than happy to help you. And... I will be able to do so once you sign up below...



YES! George, please send me the first issue of the free killer mini-course titled: "How to skyrocket the profits of any site quickly and easily." Also, please sign me up for your free weekly newsletter "Archives of an Internet Beast"

I understand that this offer is absolutely free and does not obligate me to anything in any way. I also understand I can unsubscribe from your newsletter at any time, for any reason or no reason at all... and... if you don’t treat me like gold, I will do it.

Also, if I realise that you are full of hot air... or that you are another wannabe, I will unsubscribe then as well.---And last, I understand that my e-mail address will never be sold, rented or used for any other purpose than delivering me my free e-course "How to skyrocket the profits of any site quickly and easily." as well as the free newsletter "Archives of an internet Beast"

On that basis, yes, I'm filling in the simple form below and pressing the submit button now because I want to own all this knowledge you will be offering for free.

First Name      Primary E-mail

(Note: Please avoid using free addresses like Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or Zwallet. Here's why: The spam filters these providers have set up make it really hard for the ecourse emails to reach you! Use your primary email instead. I never rent, sell, share or abuse your email address in any way. I respect your privacy and hate spam with a passion. End of story.)


Hello George,

You know, I receive 100's of newsletters and ecourses and emails. There is no way I can read all of them. I end up just filing them in the to be read later files and there they sit.

But your stuff I read, you are entertaining, knowledgeable, outrageous, and you are easy reading. Keep up the great work. I have learned and been inspired. Thanks for the ecourse.

This ecourse, made me aware that I have much work to do to get my websites ready for traffic.

-Kathy Clark


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Love your writing style....and your info is fresh and worthwhile, too! Keep up the good work!!

-Susan Rogers


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"Hey George,

To be very honest, I look forward to reading your newsletter. Ever since that mentally visual, fun and informative issue about how to write Sales Copy that sells, I was hooked.

Yup, you got me like a fish, lol. But in all seriousness I really like your style, as I've told you before, your writing fashion and outlooks on marketing are so very refreshing.

The eBiz information you provide is 'Top Notch', and although I my self am an experienced eMarketer with a nice amount of e-success, I KNOW the info you provide will help 'skyrocket' me to the next level [thank you]. --- Also, via your newsletter I feel like I know who you are, [well at least what you want me to know of you lol].

So when I read your newsletter, I don't feel like you're just bringing me stale information, like so many other ezines. I feel like you are actually talking to me and sharing what you know.

When I read your mailings I FEEL like this is a REAL person who wrote this...not just some bozo who is trying to make money off of me, but a real person, who has a genuine interest in my e-success.

So, I wanna just wrap this up before your head 'pops' [lol because I know it's gotten pretty big about now (You look a little read in your puffy cheeks lol)]..I just want to say THANK YOU for sending me a great newsletter with Powerful Internet Marketing Tips and Insight, being so FUN to read...and last but not least,

Thanks for being yourself and putting your personal touch into every issue...I look forward to your next one...Take Care, "

-Anthony L. Davenport


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"You were right George, I have struck GOLD and I was simply blown away by the honest to goodness, street smarts content.

How refreshing it is to see someone who has the guts to stand up and be counted. Your comments are not only from the heart, but they are 100% correct and inspiring.

I have subscribed to hundreds of online newsletters and most of them get deleted very quickly from my screen. But I have found "Archives of an Internet Beast" to be an absolutely brilliant resource. I eagerly look forward to every issue and it will remain on my treasured list for sometime to come."

— David Isaacs


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